Our Story

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide customer convenience by fulfilling customer’s
daily needs, all while by prioritizing the best customer service, partnering with the suppliers in order to pay forward better pricing to the customer, while supporting employees at the front line and simplifying their tasks.

Who is Quick Track?

Quick Track is the convenience store chain based in Bedford, Texas. Pasang Lama purchased the first Quick Track in Hurst, Texas in March 2003. His first store had been closed by the previous owner but Pasang knew that he could turn the business around by sincerely taking into consideration the needs of the customer and fulfilling them in the friendliest, fastest manner. We continue to follow the same approach to our customers and the community we serve today.

The foundation of Quick Track was based on providing great customer service with knowledge of the daily needs of its customer base. After 16 years the 100th store was opened in 2019. Our growth has shown us that prioritizing our customers’ needs and maintaining our neighborhood friendly approach, no matter where our stores are located, provide the needs of our customers and our communities.

Our History

Story of Quick Track, Our first C-store LP Food Mart was purchased in 2003. The second store was purchased the next year and was named as Quick Track. Following is a brief synopsis of the road we have traveled from the first LP Food Mart store in 2003 to our 100th Quick Track in 2019.
Quick Track is now transitioning few stores into LaMa c-store in order to diversify the c-store portfolio.
The birth of Quick Track
First C-store purchased in March, 2003
Story, LP-food-mart
Second Store
Second C-store purchased in 2004 and it was named as Quick Track.
Story 1
2005 -2011
North Central Texas Expansion
Quick Track grew from 3 C-store to 15 C-stores and Gasoline Stations in between 2005 thru 2011.
Story 2

Quick Track #8

East Texas Expansion
In between 2012 -2015, we grew from 15 stores to 50 stores in Paris, TX region.
Story 3
Arkansas Expansion
In 2015, Quick Track #51 was purchased in Dierks, Arkansas.
Story 4
Central Texas Expansion
In 2018, Quick Track #54 was purchased in Waco region
Story 5
West Texas Expansion
In April 2019, Quick Track added 17 stores in Midland/Odessa region
Story 6
New Mexico Expansion
In Oct 2019, 10 stores were added in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Story 7
Extended East Texas Expansion
7 Quick Tracks were added in December totaling upto 100th Quick Track purchase in 2019.
Story 8